Events in the treetop, (part of my diploma work “The Cties on the Trees”), instalation in Slovak National Gallery, 2012

The practical part of my thesis “The Cities on the Trees”, was inspired by Italo Calvino’s novel “The Baron in the Trees”. The Calvino’s story says about a boy called Cosimo. In the age of twelve Cosimo refused to follow the rules of 18th century double-faced society, and so climbed up the tree creating his own rules. Growing up i the tree crown, Calvino describes Cosimo as a young intellectual and humanist, who brings a new perspective on a society from above. Conceptually my work links the idea of seeing society from above with architectural projects such as work of Yona Friedman and other utopist architects, the Japanese Metabolism architects or Buckminster Fuller and others. These architects tried to answer the question of expanded cities and massive architectural development on Earth. Thus the factor of different perception on architecture also lied in vertical concept of development. Their ideas lead me to create my own utopian vision of “The Cities on the Trees”, which are presented in Open Gallery and in the park of SNG. The practical part of diploma work consists of the collages and the tree installation. The tree installation creates a platform, where related events (e.g. lecture and reading)took place for a week.

Model of construction on pizza box

Events were realized from June 22nd to June 29th 2012

Andrej Gogora, Up-topia
Ján Pernecký, Tyrannosaurus urbanism

Marcel Tomášek

Zuzana Žabková,, reading of Italo Calvino’s novel “The Baron in the Trees”
Star Wars 6

The Cities on the Trees collage, 1,5x5m