The Invisible Cities, 2008 - 2011

The Invisible cities is a long term authorship project, which deals with the topic of memory and to it related associations. Based on the book Invisible cities by Italo Calvino, I continue my explorations in the area of architecture and urban structure. I built up an archive of drawings and sketches of children’s bunkers created based on memories as architectural archetypes, whose analogy I find in the real architecture and also in the utopian urban projects. Invisible cities are associations of the past, probes into the mind and memories.

Bunker inside the gallery, paper boxes, tables, armchairs, blankets, 2011

Plan of the city #2, drawing on paper, 42x59,4 cm, 2011

Plan of the city, drawing on paper, 270x 150cm, 2008

Research, texts, photo

Book, 2011, 200 copies, design by Jaromír Skácel and Jakub Samek